Alimento Digital Scale, 13lb

Highly accurate with large capacity The Escali Alimento series digital scales are equipped with highly accurate durable sensors and are perfect for kitchen, office and laboratory use. The scale features a removable stainless steel platform, a big display and easy touch buttons. A professional scale for the no-nonsense professional.

  • Capacity : 13.2 Lb or 6 Kg
  • Measuring units: Pounds (decimal of pounds), Ounces, Pounds + Ounces, and Kilograms/Grams
  • Accurately measures in 0.1 oz or 1 gram
  • Tare feature (Add & Weigh)
  • Automatic shut-off feature ensures long battery life
  • Removable Stainless Steel platform
  • High quality construction - spill proof design
  • One heavy duty 9V battery included (AC adaptor optional)
  • Dimensions 9.75"x7.00"x3.75" (24.5cm x 18cm x 9cm)