Bodum Chambord French Press

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The Bodum Chambord is a true original and a beloved Bodum icon worldwide. The iconic design, now synonymous with the Bodum name, dates back to the pre-war period.
The Italian, Attilo Calimani, developed the principle behind this product during the 1930s. It began to gain popularity in cafés after the war, achieving its breakthrough in France in the 1950s.
Jørgen Bodum started working on his own version of the French press in the 1970s, being an enthusiast of the coffee that comes from the French press method of brewing.
Bodum started producing its Bistro French press with the French company Melior-Martin who, at that time, manufactured the coffeemakers in their French factory. They produced a dome-shaped version similar to the Bodum Chambord. (The CHAMBORD design was inspired by the tower of the famous French castle Chambord.)
Bodum acquired Melior-Martin in 1991 and brought this icon to households worldwide. The Bodum Chambord was then further developed and improved to what it is today.