Ceramic Nonstick Essential Smart Skillet | 6qt


Whether you’re searing a steak, perfecting a complex stew, or simply making rice, this family-sized 6-quart skillet gives you room for any meal. The high sides eliminate splatter and make it easy to toss your ingredients without worry.

Do Everything on the Counter

Designed to take on any kitchen task, this versatile skillet delivers quick and even heating for high-heat searing, stir-fry, rice, steaming, soup and so much more

Thermolon™ Volt

Specially designed to withstand the strain of modern appliances, this diamond-infused ceramic nonstick doesn’t break down like traditional coatings

10 Modes

Stir-Fry, Sauce, Soup, Steam, Simmer, Warm, Sear/Sauté, White Rice, Brown Rice, Grains