Cheese Board Oil

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Do you have a slate or wooden cheese board? Then this Board Oil is an essential companion in your kitchen. Give your cheese board a regular rub of this oil. This protects the board from splitting and from absorbing odors and stains. This means your cheese board will look spick and span and will last much longer.

Board maintenance
Are you serving hors d’oeuvres during drinks, a party, or a tapas night? Don't forget to spray the cheese board with this maintenance oil. Got a new wooden cheese board? Soak it in oil for three consecutive nights before the first use. Let it dry standing up. After that, a monthly spray and rub will do the trick. The oil is odorless and tasteless.

Easy dosage
The spray cap means that dosage is easy as pie. All you need after that is a rag or a tea towel to make that cheese board shine. This oil repels water like a rind protects cheese. It's a useful, must have accessory.