Diamond-Infused Non-Stick Large Navy Blue Cookie Sheet with Gold Cooling Grid Set

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This gorgeous navy-blue cookie sheet and gold cooling rack is more than just pretty set. It’s beautiful bakeware that’s built to last. The large baking pan has a durable non-stick coating that's infused with diamonds. Its surface makes it safe to use with most metal tools, so it will get you through years for baking cookies, biscuits, appetizers and more. The deep blue hue is nothing like you’ve seen from other bakeware and it looks amazing with the large gold cooling rack that comes with it. You can cool tons of baked goods out of the oven or use it with the pan to bake crispy bacon without all the greasy splatter you can get from stove-top cooking. And the best part is, once you’re done, the pan can go right into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.