Finch Bakery


Lauren and Rachel Finch, founders of Finch Bakery, share their best-kept secrets to decorating all-out celebration cakes and let you in on their top baking techniques to create indulgent brownies and cupcakes, decadent macarons, stuffed cookies of every kind, and your very own versions of their indulgent signature cake jars.

Packed with crowd-pleasing classics and desserts to impress, this bestselling baking book has the treat to satisfy every sweet tooth, every time:

-        Over 80 Instagram-ready baking recipes
-        15 step-by-step baking technique tutorials for beginners
-        Mix-and-match your favorite flavor combinations for sponges, fillings, buttercream, and toppings to build your own creations

This gorgeous baking book is an unashamed celebration of sugar!

Discover the hidden secrets to show-stopping bakes from tempering chocolate and leveling cakes, to crumb coating, piping, and scraping techniques. You’ll learn the basics of cake decorating and baking before exploring indulgent flavor combinations.
Recipes are designed to be standalone, but some also work in a build-a-block way so you can make your own creation by swapping the sponge, filling, sauce, or topping to satisfy your sweet tooth. With inventive creations and essential techniques, this is a whole new world of cake.