Global Chef's Knives

As chef's knives they can perform any kitchen task. They can slice dice and chop and are generally all round multi-purpose knives. The GF series of chefs knives come in three sizes, a GF 33 is 21cm, GF 34 27cm and GF 35 30cm and the vegetable chopper GF 36 is 20cm. The full forged knives are heavier and more robust than the standard G series knives and so they make great professional chef's knives. The 27cm is a particular favourite among professional chefs and found throughout restaurant kitchens all around the world. We understand why there would be a decision to make between getting the cheaper G series knives like the G-2 or paying more for the pricier forged series. The forged series however is likely to be a better option if the knife is being used every day is a commercial kitchen. It is a lot stronger than the G-2, but also consider the weight of the knife, as some chefs prefer to have a heavier blade in the hand.