Le Creuset Oblong Casserole


The Oblong Casserole is perfectly suited for multi-layered casseroles and desserts and is versatile enough to be used for roasting poultry, meats, and vegetables. The casserole’s oblong shape helps accommodate a variety of cooking techniques, offering a significant base to pack ingredients. Its sand-coloured interior helps easily monitor the progress of recipes and provides a smooth cooking surface.

The Oblong Casserole is constructed with enamelled cast iron, ensuring event heat distribution and superior heat retention as food slowly and evenly cooks. Its chip-resistant enamel exterior and interior guarantees our Oblong Casserole will be in your family for years to come.

Ideal for one-pot meals, delicious side dishes, and tenderizing rough cuts of meat, the 3.4 L Oblong Casserole is great for preparing recipes for a family of four or when entertaining friends.