Living Nostalgia Vintage Look Measuring Cups

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When you ask people what their favourite bake is, it’s not uncommon for them to start reminiscing about recipes first tasted in childhood, like “Granny’s Victoria Sponge” or “Auntie’s Bakewell Tart”. Recreate these timeless treats, and so much more, with these stainless steel measuring spoons.

The set includes 5 spoons with ml, tbsp., tsp and cup measures: 1 cup (250ml), ½ cup (120ml), ? cup (80ml), ¼ cup (60ml) and ? cup (30ml) – so you can use them to measure out ingredients for any recipe, from traditional, marzipan-smothered Christmas fruit cake to creamy, delicious dahl curry to thick New York cheesecake (say goodbye to tricky US recipe conversions for good!).

Don’t worry about stains or rust ruining their beautiful vintage inspired colouring, or strong flavours lingering from fragrant foods. These mini measuring cups made from sturdy, non-absorbent stainless steel – perfect for countless kitchen tasks. Use it to measure coffee beans, herbs and tea leaves, too.