Magnetic Knife Holder | 45cm

Want to show off your best knives, *and* save some space in the kitchen? A stylish and practical solution to storing your knives, this magnetic knife rack holds your knives securely, keeping counter spaces free and providing a focal point for your kitchen. Simply fix it to your wall (all the fixings are included) and it will keep your knives stored safely. As well as looking great – the shimmering metal gives it a smart modern look – it even helps keep the blades at their best. Thanks to its powerful magnet, there’s no risk of the knives falling off and being damaged. And they’ll stay sharper because they won’t be knocked around in drawers. Best of all, all your knives will be right there when you need them. This large knife rack can hold around ten knives – a much better solution than scrabbling around in a drawer to get the right knife.