Matfer Bourgeat Mandoline | 3 Interchangeable Blades

The Matfer Bourgeat 215040 composite mandoline can cut slices, sticks, potato chips, wafers, and french fries with its 3 interchangeable blades. Save yourself a ton of time and energy by avoiding tedious knife cuts and also ensure consistently cut fruits and vegetables. Made of a lightweight composite material, it is also very portable and can easily fit into a chef's knife case.

This unit comes with one straight blade, one waffle blade, and a julienne blade. To increase the customization of blade cuts even more, you can adjust slice thickness up to 6 mm by using a single wheel under the machine's body. To avoid movement during operation, there is a built in handle at the back of the unit so that the user can hold it steady and in place. An included pusher will protect your hands from any contact with the blades. Plus, its flat guard design easily lifts off to sit on top of fruits or vegetables, so it does not limit the size of the vegetables you can cut! Designed with an indentation in the frame, you can place the mandoline over top a bowl or pan and use it horizontally.

Overall Dimensions
Length: 16"
Width: 5 1/2"
Height: 2 3/4"