Pickle Jar with Lifter

No more chasing the last pickled onions around the jar with a fork! This unique lifter design drains away the vinegar and brine from pickled and fermented foods allowing you to serve straight away. Simply pull the silicone coated lifter upwards to separate the food from the liquid. Ideal for pickled onions, beetroot, gherkins and cauliflower florets. This set is suitable for processing, using the water bath method and following the recipe instructions.

Featuring a 2-piece lid system which comprises of a tin disc and screw band ensuring a secure vacuum seal is achieved, keeping the contents fresher for longer. The jar capacity is 1 litre/1000ml which is perfect for pickling and preserving large, whole fruits and vegetables. The wider opening allows for easy filling and decanting.
The jar has embossed ML volume indicators on the side and enhanced with the authentic Kilner® embossed logo on the front.

A recipe and instruction booklet are included in the set.