Pizza Board Friends XL | 15.7"

A really good pizza deserves the best presentation. Pizza Board Friends L helps you present your pizzas at their best. A round serving board is made of high quality European oak and has a 13.3 inch diameter. Also suitable for use as a breakfast or dinner board at home or in a hospitality establishment.

European oak pizza board
Cut and serve your pizzas on this wooden serving board. The round serving board is made of high quality European oak. Perfect for pizzas with a maximal diameter of 13 inch, but also for other guilty pleasures, such as tapas, meats and cheeses. 

Serving board with a handy groove
You table naturally stays clean with pizzas served on this round wooden board. The board features a handy groove catching all juices and crumbs. This way, you have no worries about enjoying the greasy but delicious Pizza Pepperoni, or a juicy hamburger. 

With the right type of care, it will last you forever
To make sure that oak stays looking good, wash your pizza board by hand after every use. Let your pizza board dry upright, and regularly spray it with BOSKA Board Oil. This way, you protect the wooden BOSKA pizza board against discoloration, smells and other long use traces, and you can enjoy it for many years.