Pizza Peel Shovel | Large


Easily slide pizzas into and out of the (pizza) oven with the Pizza Peel Shovel L. Made from high-quality oak and aluminum. Extra safe to use due to its unique, long handle. Also suitable for placing unbaked pizzas or breads in the oven.

High-quality pizza peel
This handy pizza peel is made from high-quality aluminum. The blade is 30 cm (11.8 inches) wide and can be used for both baked and unbaked pizzas. The unique, oak handle provides a stable grip. With this pizza peel you know you've got a bona fide winner in your home. That's because the pizza peel has been bestowed with the Red Dot Design Award!

Pizza peel with extra long handle
From combination ovens to pizza ovens: no oven is off limits for this pizza peel. Because the handle is extra long, your fingers will be kept at a safe distance from the heat. The handle has the same shape as that of a common garden shovel, making the design very unique.

Suitable for use at home and in the hospitality sector
This pizza peel is perfect for both professional use and amateur pizza chefs. Simply wash the peel by hand after use. Hang it up by its leather cord or by the handle itself as a kitchen adornment. This way it will not only be a handy kitchen tool but a real eye-catcher as well.

Six feet of distance
Another advantage of the extra long handle is that you can also use this pizza peel to serve delicious snacks or drinks. All while keeping a socially distanced 6 feet away from your guests. It's a win-win!

User tip: Keep your pizza from sticking to the peel
Going to place an unbaked pizza in the oven or on the barbecue (stone)? You should first sprinkle a thin layer of flour over the BOSKA Pizza Peel. This will make the pizza slide off the pizza peel easily and smoothly.