Plating Tongs

HIC Kitchen's Plating Tong easily transforms food into precision culinary visions to excite all the senses. Foods arranged into beautiful presentations are more irresistible and impressive when first engaging the eye. This tool assists in the precision placement of delicate food elements for elegant and decorative culinary creations on a plate. Whether plating for family gatherings, elegant social affairs or other fancy entertaining, the specially tapered ends are textured to offer a gentle, yet secure grasp on tinier items and delicate foods. Like a delicate tweezer for plating, the textured tapered tips offer a gentle, yet secure grip for precise arrangement of delicate items, like microgreens, herbs, tiny vegetables, fragile sugar work, and more. The curved tips help reach over other elements for complete control and perfect placement in more difficult spaces. A useful addition to kitchen utensils for food preparation, they make it easy to build delicate creations and decorative culinary designs that are sure to please any guest. Compact for easy storage in a kitchen gadget drawer. Made from stainless steel, HIC Kitchen's Plating Tong is strong and durable. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Brought to you by HIC-Harold Import Company.