Poppy Paint Edible Confectionery Paint


Poppy Paint is a 100% FDA complaint edible confectionery paint. It is very fast drying, and will not rub off or smudge once set. It was created to be used on chocolate, especially cake pops and other chocolate covered confections; however, it also works great on cookies (including macarons), gumpaste, fondant, royal icing, and candies.

Super Shine is a high concentration glaze. Paint it on top of your finished confections to add a beautiful shine. It can also be used on top of Poppy Paint to give a gloss finish!

Poppy Thinner is a low concentration glaze, used to thin out other Poppy Paints. Add a little Poppy Thinner to your Poppy Paint when wanted to paint very small details. Add a lot when you want to brush on a water color effect! Poppy Thinner can also be used to erase small blemishes if you happen to make a mistake when painting – simply wet your brush in the thinner, and use it to wipe the mistake away.

Unicorn Elixir Poppy Paint is a really unique color of edible paint. In comparison to other metallic white edible paints, Unicorn Elixir has a slightly light bluish hue. Poppy paint is the only edible paint specifically formulated for chocolate, so don’t worry about beading or sweating when using on chocolate or ganache. While it is the best option for painting chocolate, Poppy Paint also works great on painted cookies and painted cakes.