Semi Soft Cheese Knife | Copenhagen No.2


You can cut soft cheeses with a stylish flair with theSemi Soft Cheese Knife Copenhagen No.2. The Swiss cheese holes in the blade keep the cheese from sticking. You can use the forked tip to pick up and serve the cut pieces of cheese. No delays here when it comes to digging into some cheese.

Lightweight cheese knife
The beautiful stainless steel design gives this knife a stylish look. It’s also very light and handy. Are you all done cutting up cheese? Let it go for a spin in the dishwasher, and the knife will be good as new.

Pick up and serve
The design is hollow on the inside, which makes the knife very light. That means this classic design lies comfortably in your hand. You can easily pick up and serve pieces of cheese with the forked tip. It’s simple but also very stylish!