Umbrella Popsicle Mold With Stand

Sure, shop-bought lollies are sweet, delicious and children love them, but they're also packed with mysterious ‘E-numbers’ and unhealthy sugars. With KitchenCraft’s umbrella-shaped frozen lolly moulds, you can make healthier iced treats that your little ones can enjoy come rain or shine! Making a batch of frozen ice pops couldn't be easier with these ice lolly makers. Just pour fruit juice into each plastic mould and freeze. In just a few hours, you’ll have six cute, colourful ‘umbrellas’ to enjoy. Don’t stick to fruit juice, though. Pour in flavoured milk, yoghurt or even smoothies instead. There’s loads of room to be creative, with limitless flavour combos out there to discover. You could even freeze plain old water, for an unusual way to chill drinks and cocktails. These lolly makers make refreshing frozen treats kids love. And you get to rest safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what goes into them. No additives, no weird E-numbers, and the moulds are BPA-free.