Wusthof Classic Ikon Creme 8 Piece Block Set

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The new design classic for the kitchen: A stylish hot spot for sharp blades. Its looks alone ensure the new CLASSIC IKON knife block from WÜSTHOF is something to rave about. The block has a warm, dark wood finish and is the perfect place to store the quality double bolster knives with their elegant, cream-coloured handles. Made from solid thermo beech, this stylish knife block is a safe place to store six knives as well as a honing steel and kitchen scissors.

1x 4086-0-09 vegetable knife 9 cm
1x 4126-0 Slicer 14 cm, 
sawtooth blade
1x 4506-0-16 Slicer 16 cm
1x 4596-0-20 chef 20 cm
1x 4166-0-23 bread knife 23 cm
1x 4176-0 Santoku 17 cm
1x 4468-0 sharpening steel
1x 5553 kitchen scissors