Staff Current Favorites

Our top 10 items (for now!) are:

1. Chef'n Pull Chopper. This chopper is a *must* in my household. When I don't feel like dragging the food processor out and I am too lazy (who, me?) to chop an onion or a clove of garlic, this is my go to. My friends have all gotten one since seeing me use mine and swear by theirs as well! Seriously, you'll thank me...

2. Etu Home ANYTHING.

3. Breville Compact Smart Oven. I have a toddler and this oven is used far more than my actual oven. With a toddler who wants food on a whim, this oven is indispensable. Earlier this month, we ran out of gas and lived off of this for 2 days. We didn't even sweat it because it was so easy. Cookies? Yup. Brussel sprouts? Yup. Pizza? Yup. Chicken nuggets, possibly twice a day? Maybe. Steak. YUP, I said it, you can do steak in it. Seriously, it does everything.

4. Staub Perfect Pan. I actually recruited Staub to our vendor lineup earlier this year. I am a huge fan after living in Boston and doing plenty of market research (aka spending way too much time in Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma). I have always been a Le Creuset fan but wanted to see how Staub compared. Answer: I love Staub. It doesn't have the enamel coating, so I can be as rough with it as I want. And it's deep enough to do any type of sauce or stir fry without worrying about it all falling over the sides. It may look like a wok but it really does so much more...

5. KitchenAid Mixer. This is kind of a given, right? I got it in pistachio and still love the color. No buyers regret there. But I use it way more often than I thought I would to be honest. My husband loves whipping up his famous buffalo chicken dip in it while I tend to stick more to the sweet side of things. I like the fact I can put it all in and walk away while it does its thing. The price tag is worth it. Think of it as an investment!

6. OXO Mandoline, Grate, do it all set. We finally added OXO to our brands last year. I **love** OXO. Personally, I think it is by far one of the best brands quality wise across the board on the market. I do everything with this little set. Scalloped potatoes or razor thin onions are no sweat with this little guy. I also grate all of my cheese in here since my husband "broke" my Microplane. I even julienne peppers and veggies for meatless Mondays. Verdict: this is not just another gadget. Another obsession from OXO? Look next...

7. OXO Thermocouple Thermometer. I know you probably see the price tag and say WHAT? For a thermometer? My husband did too, and to be honest, I took a chance when I ordered them. But I live by reviews. And the reviews were top notch, and I was tired of going through thermometers. This thermometer is amazing. Husband approved, you whip this bad boy out, and it is instant. I'm talking 2-3 seconds. You don't have to touch the probe, and it automatically turns on when it detects the probe is out. I am left handed, which is awkward in general, but this probe will go any direction you want. In other words, this is a left handers heaven!

8. Epicurean cutting boards. Another obsession of mine born in Boston. I went to the homewares show on the hunt for this brand after loving my boards and got them on board. Epicurean is a wood fibre composite, is eco-friendly, and is long lasting. I have had my three boards for 6 years now and they are still going strong. Don't get me wrong, I do still have my beautiful JK Adams carving maple board for a roast but for everything else, and I mean everything, these are my go to. The smallest one is used at least 5 times a day for everything you can imagine.

9. This is a no brainer. Victorinox paring knives. Preferably serrated with fun colored handles. I have put these in so many stockings, including my mother in laws, which was met with a weird look, but she totally understood once she used them! I don't have to say much here. These are one of our all round best sellers, hands down.

10. Last but not least...I have to be honest, I'm not a huge gadget lover. I like buying them for the shop, but I just prefer less clutter in my own kitchen. Practicality is key for me. So when Sheena got Charles Viancin silicone lids in I was skeptical. Listen up. I make cauliflower gnocchi on the regular in the microwave and always struggled to find something to seal it with. I was sold. These lids are amazing. I couldn't find a pot lid to fit this one pot. Problem solved. I had to store something in the fridge in a casserole without a lid. Stick my Charles Viancin on there. Seriously, not a gadget but an essential. They are airtight, you can literally pick the container up by the lid the seal is so tight. I personally have the lily pads, but the whole collection is fun. P.S. The smallest size is perfect for slow coffee or tea drinkers like me...

How am I done already? That flew by. If anyone has any questions I am obviously always ready and willing to shoot out suggestions.


July 03, 2020 — International Imports