Bar Spoon | Black Stainless Steel

Complete your bar supply with this Tablecraft 10558 12" black stainless steel bar spoon! From sports bars to restaurants, this bar spoon is perfect for making specialty cocktails such as martinis, mojitos, or strawberry daiquiris since you can mix drinks with the spoon and its twisted handle guarantees a firm grip and control over the utensil. Made of durable stainless steel with a hard PVD coating, this bar spoon is break-resistant to withstand heavy-duty use. Thanks to the 12" length, this spoon is also great for stirring up taller mixed drinks such as Long Island iced teas, in addition to keeping a safe and sanitary distance between the bartender's hand and the glass.

This bar spoon has a black color with a unique random acid etching finish to add an attractive element to your bar service. For your convenience, it's easy and quick to clean. From martinis, cosmos, and shots to spritzers and other mixed drinks and cocktails, this bar spoon will exceed your bartending needs!