Carafe | Frigoverre Future 33.75oz


A new range of containers to take care of our present and save the future, reducing waste and preserving better. It is made entirely of glass, both the container and the cap. This innovation translates into an even more sustainable product: the glass stopper incredibly extends the life of the product. A quality confirmed by the 10-year guarantee. It is ideal for every use: from storage in the fridge / freezer, to heating in the microwave and oven (without gasket), to serving on the table. Super resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. Stackable thanks to the ridge around the lid. Lid is perfect as a saucer to bring the container to the table. From the freezer directly to the microwave, lid included. Silicone Gasket with flaps that adhere to the glass for an excellent closure.

  • Measures 10.9”DIA 3.8”H 1.91”LBs
  • 33.75 oz. jug sold as a set of 6
  • Iconic design with 8.45 oz. measurements
  • Made of thick durable glass
  • Perfect for everyday use (water, juice, wine) and for entertaining
  • Dishwasher safe
  • All components are made in Italy