Citrus Juicer


The Omega C10 is a powerful and compact citrus juicer that is ideally suited for a domestic environment. Optimised for juicing all types of citrus fruit through interchangeable juicing cones, it offers consistent performance and a great user experience.

Juicer Features

  • Juicing speed of 150 rotations per minute
  • Reaming cone juicing mechanism
  • 3 interchangeable juicing cones included (small, medium and large)
  • Durable stainless steel juicing bowl and strainer
  • Compact design
  • Power-efficient 120 watt motor

Efficient Citrus Juicing

As a dedicated citrus juicer, the Omega C10 uses a traditional manual reaming method to facilitate juice extraction. Through this method, a juicing cone bores into halves of any citrus fruit, squeezing out juice quickly and efficiently.

The C10, in particular, works at a steady yet firm pace of 150 RPM. This speed allows it to keep nutrient oxidation caused by friction to a minimum while still keeping the process relatively fast.

Adaptive Juicing Cones

To stand out against other domestic citrus juicers, the C10 offers a unique selection of interchangeable juicing cones. In total, three different cones are included, ranging in size from small to large.

The smallest size is ideal for lemons and limes, the medium cone is best for oranges or large lemons, and the large cone works best with grapefruits or large oranges. When paired up correctly, these cones allow the C10 to extract high juice yields with minimal effort.

High-Quality Materials

Beyond its juicing specialisations, the Omega C10 stands out for its use of premium materials. Both the juicing bowl and juicing strainer are 100% surgical stainless steel. Not only does this mean they are nice to look at, but they are also very durable.

Alongside its steel elements, the C10’s other plastic parts are very durable and hard-wearing. Therefore, they can handle continued use without signs of significant wear.

Compact Design

To complete an impressive package, the C10 has a very slim form factor. As a result, it’s easy to pick up, move and store without a second thought.

Additionally, to ensure the C10 can remain stable despite its compact and lightweight design, Omega has fitted it with suction feet. These feet prevent the unit from slipping or sliding when in use, making for a better user experience.