Global Vegetable Knife G-5

The G-5 has been a long time favourite and one of the best selling blades in the original Global series. When Global knives first came to the UK, the shape of the blade was quite strange. A long rectangular shaped, flat blade with only a slight knife point. The G-5 is inspired by traditional Japanese Usaba knives, popular amongst professional chefs in the Tokyo area and a specialist vegetable knife. The idea behind the shape of the blade is that it encourages a straight up down chopping motion where the full blade length will come in contact with the chopping board and so go straight through the whole vegetable. There is no need to push and pull the knife horizontally through the chopping motion. European cooking tends to use a lot more chopped vegetables than in Japan and so this knife has always been favoured in sets by Global. There are quite a few variations of this knife within the Global range. The equally popular Global GS-5 is the small version, the G-56 is the fluted version and there is a fully forged GF-36 for professional chefs as well.