MasterClass Cheese Melting Dome / Burger Steamer Lid

If you’ve ever visited a -real- American diner, you’ll know that nothing quite matches up to that taste. The moist, succulent burger patty. The gooey melted cheese on top. And as a final touch, a sunny-side-up egg, with a runny yolk and perfectly cooked white. Now it’s really easy to replicate this mouth-watering taste in your own home, thanks to Master Class’s melting dome. This clever gadget sits over your food as it cooks in the pan, trapping heat and steam. Not only does this reduce cooking times, but it ensures burgers are evenly cooked, cheese is perfectly melted, and eggs are ‘just right’. Just what you need to create classic cheeseburgers in true diner style! And that’s not all – it has dozens of other uses, from keeping dishes warm to reducing griddle flare-ups.