Matcha Tea 5-Piece Gift Set

  • Helen's Asian Kitchen Matcha Tea Gift Set has all the tools used for hundreds of years in Japanese tea ceremonies to prepare the ultimate matcha tea
  • Set includes 1 Matcha Tea Bowl (chawan, 20-ounce), Whisk Stand (kusenaoshi), Matcha Whisk (chasen-80 tines), Matcha Scoop (chashaku), and Tea Sifter
  • Easily measure out the perfect amount of matcha tea powder, whisk up its coveted frothy texture, then properly maintain the tools for their longevity
  • Tea Sifter (stainless steel) and ceramic items (scratch-free, lead and cadmium-free glaze) are dishwasher safe; hand-carved bamboo tools are hand wash
  • This gift set is ideal for tea lovers; set includes a step-by-step preparation guide and care instructions for each tool