Stainless Steel Soap

HIC's Stainless Steel Soap is a must-have for all home cooks and chefs to naturally remove strong odors from hands. Skin can still retain strong odors after washing hands with soap. The science of washing with stainless steel soap removes odors faster and more completely than using soap. It's reusable, more effective, and more economical than soap. Stop washing excess soap down the drain, save money, control waste, reduce chemicals in waterways, and have cleaner smelling hands. HIC's Stainless Steel Soap is a great budget-smart addition to remove odors from hands and help conserve soap in the kitchen. Easy to use. Simply rub hands against the soap under running water to remove strong odors from skin, like onion, garlic, chives, and fish, without the use of any liquid soaps, bar soaps, harsh chemicals, or perfumes. And, it won't dry out or irritate sensitive skin. How it works. The naturally occurring sulfur molecules found in skin bind with the molecules found in stainless steel. This binding action helps transfer odors to the soap, which then flush down the drain with the water. Quick, easy, and natural. Made from 18/8 stainless steel with a beautiful brushed finish, HIC's Stainless Steel Soap is durable and reusable. Dishwasher safe for easy sanitizing as needed.