Ink Collection // Blue


Crackling occurs when the glaze contracts on the surface of the clay body, causing it to fracture into beautiful linear patterns, covering the entire surface of the glazed piece. Available in Crackle Black and Crackle Grey, Ink will add texture and color to casual and contemporary food presentations, and is aesthetically compatible with both plain white and many of our craft inspired ranges.

The Steelite Performance Ink line has expanded with the exciting additions of Nomad Blue, Nomad Sand and Legacy Ginger. Nomad is a collection of handcraft-inspired decorations which add texture, color and a sense of history to the tabletop. While Legacy pays tribute to the faded opulence of antique decoration. Like finding a treasure-trove of heirloom pieces, Legacy inspires and delights with its playful, casual mix of relaxed style and comfortable living.