Wusthof Knife Case


A knife case protects your kitchen knives and allows carry them wherever you want.


  • Durable high tenacity fabric.
  • Zipper to fasten the inner layer.
  • Washable.
  • Handle with carrying strap.
  • With dial lock.
  • For 18 knives up to 32 cm blade and gadgets.
  • Knives and accessories not included.

Wüsthof, a German knife-maker based in Solingen, famous for its high quality products. Wüsthof precision kitchen knives are goods of the highest quality, meticulously crafted. These knives are a pleasure to work with for both professional chefs and amateur cooks. The Wüshof knife series have different ergonomic handle design to offer comfortable feelings for all different likings. In addition, Wüsthof offers accessories for these knives, like magnetic bars, knife blocks and cutting boards.